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Kana Shinoda

Founder of Code Blue, Blue Inc
About Kana Shinoda

Kana Shinoda is a well known persona in the security field, she is the founder of Code Blue, and a conference manager for years. She used to run Black Hat Japan. Kana founded Code Blue with the purpose of introducing excellent-but-unknown researchers to Japan and the world. The aim of the Code Blue security conference is to create official and unofficial relationships between researchers across borders. The woman who launched the hacker conference. Connecting people across borders. Kana is the woman who established the International Hacker Conference in Japan. This is unusual for women in the very male-dominated hacker industry. Also known as the "mother of hackers" in Japan and neighbouring regions (not a title she volunteers herself) , she also co-founded the GCC (Global Cybersecurity Camp), ACSC (Asian Cyber Security Challenge), and ICC (International Cybersecurity Challenge) with other countries. Kana truly believes that these kinds of friendships will grow the international mind, and would be helpful in aiding emergency situations cross-borders, and Kana believes this will help build peace in the Asian region, with a complex and rich history.

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