Team Shakti

Sreepriya Chalakkal

Security Analyst, Siemens ProductCERT
About Sreepriya Chalakkal

Sreepriya is a Security Analyst at Siemens ProductCERT, where she focuses on vulnerability handling and incident response. Previously she worked as a pentester at Ernw GmbH, Germany, in the mobile security team. She enjoys playing with security challenges in applications, networks and binaries. She is mentor of TeamShakti, a women CTF team from India. Also, core organiser of ShaktiCon, a women only security conference. Also serves as a board member of BlackHoodie. Completed masters from Technical University of Berlin and University of Trento with major Computer Security and Privacy in March 2017.

Talk Overview
Welcome Note

Sreepriya will deliver the welcome note for ShaktiCon. She will provide a glimpse into how the idea of ShaktiCon came about, what has been achieved so far and what our goals and aspirations are.
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