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Madhura DasGupta Sinha

Founder and CEO, Aspire For Her
About Madhura DasGupta Sinha

She grew up in a highly gender-equal household, with a feminist dad and a powerful, career-focussed mom. The idea of biases was wholly alien to her and she believed that women could do whatever they wanted to, if they were determined about it. But then she started working. And she started having first-hand experiences with biases that only grew more prominent, the higher up the ladder she got. Eventually, she started hitting glass ceilings. Although she continued striving, she now realised that determination and grit were not enough to get a woman where she wanted to be. The world needed to change to keep up with women’s ambitions. She decided to do something about it. And on her 50th birthday, she did. She left her high-flying banking career to start Aspire For Her, together with her mother and her daughter.

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