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Sheri Byrne-Haber

Values-based engineering, accessibility, and inclusion leader, VMware
About Sheri Byrne-Haber

Sheri Byrne-Haber is a prominent global subject matter expert in the fields of disability and accessibility. She is best known for launching digital accessibility programs at McDonald's, Albertsons, and VMware. Her most recent contribution to the accessibility field is an open-source tool called Crest, which allows users to automate some aspects of manual accessibility testing. With degrees in computer science, law, and business combined with identifying as a disabled person, Sheri has a complete 360-degree view of all the issues impacting disability inclusion and accessibility.
Sheri is the author of a popular Medium blog called “This Week in Accessibility,” and was named “2020 Author of the Year” by the UX Collective. She was also named a 2022 LinkedIn Top Voice for Social Impact. Her blog, which has reached over 250,000 readers, summarizes legal cases and issues facing people implementing accessibility programs. Sheri is a frequent panelist and speaker at accessibility, UI/UX, and HR conferences and is an active member of several accessibility committees and non-profits, helping drive and communicate the evolution of accessibility standards. Her book, entitled “Giving a Damn about Accessibility” is available for free at

Talk Overview
How does security benefit and hurt people with disabilities

18 % of the population is disabled, however, few security models take that into account. This talk reviews how people with disabilities interact with security via CAPTCHAs, password resets, logins, and cookie banners and highlights things that can be done to improve their experiences without detracting from the need for security
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