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Surbhi Pandey

Global Thought Leader in Cyber Security, Indian institute of Public Ad1 ministration (IIPA)
How to Mitigate Risk and Prevent Crime Against Women in Cyberspace

"Dr Surabhi is a distinguished scholar holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science, along with an M.Phil. in the same field, boasts an impressive array of academic qualifications, including an MCM, MCA, and PDDM. Additionally, Dr. Surabhi is a Certified FellowIMS and holds certifications in Data Analytics Tools from IBM and Blockchain from IIT Madras. She is also decorated with the prestigious Indian Army ‘GOC-in-C Western Command’ Commendation Card for her distinguished service & commitment to the Army Institute. With over 19 years of combined professional and academic experience, Dr. Surabhi serves as a Course Director for various programs tailored for Judicial, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and other governmental entities. Their specialized areas encompass a wide spectrum, including Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics Tools, SaaS, ERP, and Digital Marketing, among others."
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